Helping churches use the web to impact both their community – and the world.

Initiate Church Websites is a service of Initiate Agency, a full-service advertising and digital agency, totally focused on helping Christian organizations in both branding – and all things digital.

Initiate Church Websites was founded specifically to help churches get beautiful, powerful websites – at a fraction of the cost. Our team of designers and developers have worked hand in hand to build a customized, robust platform that allows churches to have everything they need, without paying for it.

By developing our platform in advance, investing the necessary capital up front, we are therefore in a position where we can give churches a best-of-breed website – all for a low monthly fee. Image is everything, and so all Initiate Church Websites are custom designed.

As well as working with other organizations, Initiate Agency is also responsible for the website design and development for the entire Initiate Media suite of sites. To see the full portfolio, click here.

About Initiate Media

Initiate Church Websites is part of Initiate Media, a global Christian media company dedicated to spreading the Word of God. We work across advertising and marketing, design and media to achieve our goal of getting the Word spread to all ends of the earth.

Initiate Media was founded in 2003 and serves organizations right across the globe.